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The Set Point Theory - Big Weight Loss Factor

set point theory Most health professionals now-a-days will tell you that the formula for weight loss is Calories In - Calories Out. "It's really that simple" they say, and to, "forget all the hype that's out there."

In my opinion the latter part is right on. Most of what's out there is pure hype and will do nothing for you in terms of 'long-term' and lasting weight loss. But to say it is as simple as eating fewer calories than you burn everyday is hard for me to swallow.

For one, how do you know how much you are burning everyday? Do you burn the same amount everyday? Do we all have the same metabolism (obviously not)? Do the type of foods we eat matter? Would I lose weight if I ate 1500 calories a day in chocolate but gain weight if I ate 1600 calories per day in chicken and vegetables? (Assuming I burn 1550 cal/day)

I think there's a lot more to it than just calories in - calories out. I think there are a few factors that influence weight loss and one of them is the set point theory.

In simple terms the set point theory states that your body has an internal thermostat that controls how much fat you keep on your body. Some of us have higher settings than others and will have more body fat. This internal thermostat LIKES TO KEEP YOU WHERE YOU ARE in terms of weight. So if you eat a bit too much or too little it will adjust so that you stay where you are, at your same weight.

So how do you change it? How do you 'set' your set point to have lower body fat?

The most promising theory is exercise. There is nothing conclusive yet because it is not easy/possible to measure your internal thermostat. The set point theory is just a 'theory' for now but it does make sense.

We all know someone who eats whatever they want and never gains weight. We all know people who diet and don't lose weight. We have all experienced going on vacation and gaining 5 extra pounds and then within a week of returning home we are back to our normal weight without having to do anything extra. There are many examples like this that just can't be explained by simple calorie counting. On my main website I have written more details about weight loss in general HERE.

It's all free and written by me to help others.

- Back to exercise -

So exercise is the most promising way to change your set point but what kind? Read this article on exercise and weight loss for full details.

The good news is that people can lose weight without being super strict and really enjoy their food. Like I said above I wrote out a guide (all free, nothing to buy, no email to submit, no pop-ups etc...) on weight loss that focuses on small changes to get big results. Check it out HERE. Cheers.

Peter K

***About the Author: Peter K holds a degree in Exercise Science and has been a personal trainer for over 12 years. His main focus is weight loss and basic training for increased metabolic changes in the body.

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